What is Airsoft?


Airsoft is a sport where players use air-powered guns that project small plastic pellets (BBs), to hit players from opposing teams in order to gain points and complete various objectives.


Think of it as a video game come to life. It is where war meets peace, and shooting your friends IS a laughing matter!

Basic Rules of Airsoft


1. Call your hits
When players are shot, they must call "hit". 

Airsoft is a game of honor. If one chooses not to call their hits, it ruins the game for everyone. No one likes a cheat.
Hits to the player's gear (vest, mags, holster, backpack, etc.), all count. 
Being accidentally...or intentionally shot by a team mate (aka "friendly fire"), also counts as a hit.


2. Don't "Over Kill"
Once a player has called "hit", you may not continue to shoot him/her.


3. Dead men talking
...they don't. Once hit, communicating the whereabouts of the enemy to team mates is forbidden.


4. Wear safety goggles/face mask
"It's all fun and games till someone loses an eye!" Never has the saying been any truer.


Other Common Rules


A medic is a predetermined player(s), who is allowed to revive team mates who have been hit.

If a player comes within touching distance of an enemy player without them realizing, they may call "freeze" or "don't move", etc. The surrendering player is counted "hit".


Depending on the mission, you may or may not be allowed to shoot in fully automatic mode.




Benefits of Airsoft


Just the suspense of walking through the darkened corridors, not knowing when an enemy player will jump out from behind a corner is enough to get your heart pumping. Imagine the calories you'd burn running through the course, ducking under and jumping over obstacles while dodging BBs flying at 90 meters a second. Cardio...Check!


Airsoft is a great way to make friends and build teamwork. In an atmosphere that simulates a combat situation, cooperating with team members is crucial to the team’s success. Picture your team mate  sailing through the air (in slow motion), diving in front of a BB that was directed at your head.

Blood brothers for life.


Stress relief
Release all your pent-up anger in the form of tiny plastic pellets directed at your opponent! There are probably better ways to deal with stress than picturing your boss, or ex's face on enemy players while spraying them with BBs...No. There isn't.


Some Final advice...

  • Wear long sleeved, loose clothing and shoes you can run in.

  • Watch the entire Die Hard series prior to playing

  • Practice your catch phrase while mean-mugging the mirror  

  • Be a good sport 

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